Intransfer Services Corp

We at Intransfer Services Corp offer superior stock transfer and clearing facilities services. We follow high standards with much knowledge and experience. Our business philosophy is to place our clients.

Intransfer Services Corp is an independent Stock Transfer Agent. The company has a wide array of experiences in the securities industry and is prepared to be your word wide business partner to provide you with a complete service package for your business. Intransfer Services Corp is committed to providing expert service to domestic and international companies, both public and non-public.

 We at Intransfer Services Corp aim to provide exceptional customer service to our client companies with their shareholders and the brokerage community as well. Our knowledge and comprehensive experience enables us to provide the best transfer agent and clearing services to our clients.

 Intransfer Services Corp also its clients to more effectively assume their clearing activities by reducing systemic risk, minimizing counterparty risk and by increasing capital efficiency and operating efficiency.

 Our business offers varied services that include warrant agent service, copyrighted certificate design with expert quality offset printing, cash dividend disbursements, mailings, proxy tabulation, EDGAR filings, and access for Issuers and stockholders to their online account information. We also ensure the security storage of client records.

 At Intransfer Services Corp we make every effort to create lasting partnerships with our clients. Our goals are to provide exceptional service to attain the results we have aimed for and to capitalize shareholder value.





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