Larse Capital Ltd. Investment Managers Receive Top Rating

A third party client survey rated Larse Capital Ltd. investment managers as top performers in their field in regards to service excellence and their ability to help clients meet or exceed their investment goals.

Feb 16, 2015 — These managers have their greatest strengths in the range of alternative asset classes, including hedge funds, leveraged finance instruments and convertible bonds. Through its network of these managers, Larse Capital Ltd.offer investors access to uniquely specialized products across a wide variety of alternative investment styles and strategies. Custom investment products are constructed and managed by our management team who have the freedom to pursue their own proprietary investment strategies and philosophies within a policy framework.

These core investment managers are the foundation of the company’s success. Their expertise in finance, investment banking and legal issues guarantees the creation of distinctive and sound approaches to meeting investor needs for principal protection, asset structuring, risk transfer and liquidity. They primarily focus on fund manager selection, complex portfolio design and management. Portfolios are managed with the aim of achieving or exceeding target returns within a target risk level. Managing risk is key to the achieving client goals while protecting capital.

Larse Capital Ltd. is an innovator in the growing alternative investments market. The business is dedicated to providing private and professional investors with access to the skills of top-notch hedge fund managers, packaged in a wide range of off-the-rack product structures and customized solutions. More information regarding the company can be found on the

The content of this release does not constitute any financial, business, investment, legal, tax, or accounting advice and as such, you should not make this content the sole basis for any investment decisions made by or on behalf of you, and you are advised to consult the appropriate advisors concerning any potential transactions. Larse Capital Ltd. provides this content based on information which is otherwise widely available and while this content is based upon information that the company considers reliable and attempts to keep current, neither Larse Capital Ltd. nor any of its managers, staff or subsidiaries have verified this information, nor do they have any responsibility to maintain the content or to supply any corrections or updates concerning this content. By using the content in this release, you expressly acknowledge and agree that the content provided to you is on an as is basis, used at your own risk and shall not be solely relied on by you or your advisors.

Any mention of valuations of securities or other assets held by funds may be estimated, and the securities or other assets may not have a readily ascertainable market price, or may otherwise be difficult to value. Each of the fund administrators use the best and latest available valuations which are unaudited and may be subject to no other verification other than due diligence. Such valuations may relate to a date previous to the net asset value date of the relevant fund. The net asset value performance of a investment fund may not be indicative of how it may perform in the future. The valuation of securities or other assets may fluctuate considerably in the short and long term, and the historic net asset values shown take no account of the costs of realizing some or all securities or other assets.

Past performance is no guarantee to future returns. The value of shares in a fund and the income from them, if any, could fall as well as rise. Investing in any funds involves certain risks, including risks in direct relation to that fund, its shares, underlying funds and the strategies those funds utilize. Because the return and capital appreciation of an investment will fluctuate with changes in market conditions, currency exchange rates and other factors when disposed of, the investment may be worth more or less than their original cost. Investors may also incur sales commissions or fees which may result in
reduced net returns. There are significant risks associated with any investment, and any particular fund may not be suitable for all investors.


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