5 Useful Apps for Small Business Owners Save your time and facilitate business’ processes

Are you an online entrepreneur, or small business owner who runs your business day and night? Well you must have come across some difficulties in communication, file management, accounting or some other daily operations that you could’ve cut down the time used if you can rely on decent software or apps.

Today we pick 5 of our favourite apps for small business owners that can really help to facilitate your daily operations and communications in business.


1. Dropbox


Want to send a file which is bigger than 25MB and your email client just won’t let you do it? Here’s the simple solution. Signup for a dropbox account and get an instant 2GB of space that allows you to store and share files with anyone, anywhere!

Dropbox is also good when you need to access several files of your clients or collaborate together.

You can use this special link here to register and get 500MB extra.

Alternatively, you can also use Google Drive, Box or One Drive to do the same thing. As each service has their own pros and cons, we leave the decision to you on which service you should use.


2. TeamViewer


This is one of our favourite communication apps after Skype. Sometimes, things are just so hard to understand over a phone call or email, you need to show exactly how to do it in order to understand it. So this is where TeamViewer comes to play. You can access to your client’s PC remotely via TeamViewer, and control their PC through the app!

This is very handy when email and phone conversation just won’t cut it. Access to your client or partner PC directly and show them how to do it, or help them to do it directly through TeamViewer, problem solved!

TeamViewer works for both Windows and Mac, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.


3. Wave Accounting


Paper based accounting is surely tedious and not so “green”. For small business, you may not need both soft and hard copy of your accounts, so you can do all your accounts entirely on a web based accounting software with Wave Accounting.

With Wave Accounting, you can manage and do all your invoicing, bills, receipts, payments and payroll online. The templates are all well laid out for you so you just need to fill in the blanks. Simple and time saving!

It is also free unless you require more features, more information about Wave Accounting and can be found at their website.


4. Bitrix24


Want to ease up the communication and collaboration among your colleagues? Use a CRM! CRM is the short form for Customer Relationship Management, and Bitrix24 is one great free web app for small businesses.

Bitrix24 is a CRM which consists of an internal social network, file sharing storage, leads and customers management, work report and delegation, and you can even make phone calls directly from the app too! Moreover, it has both Android and iOS app so you canaccess to your CRM via your mobile phone.

The free plan allows you to add up to 12 employees and gives you 5GB of disk space. You can also use the mobile apps as they are free.


5. Evernote


We never personally use this, however it is so well recommended almost everywhere so we have decided to include this one in. Evernote will take care of all your note-taking and recording tasks seamlessly. It can be sync from your PC to your mobile or vice versa without a problem.

Whether you want to set up a reminder for your upcoming business trip, save your favorite web pages or simply share the notes that you have just taken down with your colleagues, Evernote got it all covered.



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